Posted by: Casey Lybrand | August 23, 2010

Blogging Lite!

Time to review my blogging schedule again. Why am I thinking about this now? This week is one of the busiest in my family’s year. (There are things we need to get done before September, and it’s crunch time now.) This has me thinking about time management in general, and about how I’m going to manage online time along with editing and all the non-writing-related stuff I do (hint: it’s not all sitting by the pool), once September hits and I get down to serious editing.

Ring-tailed Lemurs (Lemur catta)

Ring-tailed Lemurs (Lemur catta) by Anguskirk, on Flickr

Here’s what I’ve come up with for a new-and-improved blogging schedule:

  1. Word of the Week: I’m keeping it! Every Wednesday, I will post a word/etymology post. Because it is awesome fun and I love doing it.

  2. Other blogging: I will aim for once a week on other topics — writing, reading, editing, and so on — but I won’t stress if I miss this second posting per week once in a while. I will also post more than this when I feel inspired to, of course.

I have to keep earning that Escaping the Web badge over and over. Don’t we all? We’ll see how this goes. If you’d like to share about blogging and/or time management, I’d love to hear it.

No footnotes this time! I’m in a linear mood this evening.

Oh, okay, one note. But you have to guess what it goes to!

?: Apropos of nothing. I just think it’s cute.


  1. The picture, right?? ;)

  2. Are you saying the lemurs seem superfluous? Haha. Yes, that’s right. ;)

  3. Lemurs are never superfluous. Though some of the rings on their tails might be. ;)

  4. Love lemurs (bet I’m allergic to them lol) Anyway, don’t worry too much about your blogging. I think your word of the week blog is awesome so I think it’s a good goal if you tell yourself you’ll do that one. I haven’t got a “schedule” for blogging. I just blog whenever I feel the need to write something so you’re way more organised than me. I have a reason for my disappearance though I’ll email you about it sometime :-)

  5. Blogging should be a blessing to you but it will not be if it grabs time that you need for other things. Let it be a blessing. Your schedule is a great way to keep things in balance. You are a blessing to all of us and we will not miss your posts.

  6. I mean we won’t miss the posts you put up weekly! Ha! We will read them. Duh.

  7. “I have to keep earning that Escaping the Web badge over and over. Don’t we all?”
    Oh yesss we do :) But the schedule looks great Casey! And love the Apropos of nothing, I think it’s cute too hehe!

  8. Oh yay! I am so glad we all agree about the importance of life balance and the necessity of lemurs.

    Layla, isn’t it lovely that they have rings to spare?

    Alannah! Of course now I am having thoughts of lemurs as house pets. (Um, no. Ew.) Hahaha. And thank you! Also, I love email, and I think you’re doing fantastic, schedule or not.

    Carol, thank yo so much! That is very kind of you to say. (And I gotcha: I always try to assume the best possible interpretation of what people say online. :) You are so sweet.)

    Lua, yes! The internet will suck you in if you let it. And thank you. And lemurs FTW!

  9. Er, Carol Ann, even! (Sorry to mess up your name.) :)

  10. You are so right. We get to caught up in the urgencies and in doing the tings we think we have to do that the things that matter most tend to be overlooked.

  11. Thanks, luckyandhappy. That’s what I’m working on! :)

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