Posted by: Casey Lybrand | July 19, 2010

Writing, Time Management, and Blogging

When does blogging become too much? I love blogging every weekday, but I think this volume of blogging is (one of the things which is) impacting my novel writing. I could happily sit here and write a blog post every day, then edit and polish it just enough that I am content to post it in the relatively informal realm of personal blogging. But writing my novel is the most important writing task I have, and I’m concerned my WIP not getting enough attention at the moment.

Layla Messner posted yesterday about time management for writers. This helped me work out something I’d been thinking about for a while – I blog too much! I had already all but made up my mind to reduce my blogging, and as is so often the case, seeing someone whom I respect address an idea online – in this case the idea of time management – helped me solidify my own thoughts on the matter. (I think these thoughts started percolating up when Lua Fowles posted about balance recently; sometimes it takes a while for things to seep through the morass of my mind.)

The answer to “how much is too much” is a very personal one when it comes to blogging. I admire people who can manage blogging every day: Em’s Merit Badger merit badges for writers, Layla’s daily writing updates (and other writing topics), Cassandra Jade’s writing blog; it’s just a bit much for me to do myself. Two blogs I’ve been reading for a while, which I admire greatly, and which update plenty — but usually not daily — are Here Be Dragons and Bowl of Oranges. I love your blogging, ladies — all of you — and I’m trying to work out the right balance for myself.

Here’s my new and improved blogging plan, for now: Monday (something light), Wednesday (still for words!), Friday (something more in-depth, with a book recommendation thrown in every so often). I may, at some point, pull back to two days if three is too much. I may also throw the occasional post out there on another day, but having a regular schedule helps me keep in balance; it’s too easy for me to fall into doing too much or too little of important things.


Blogging? by Anonymous Account, on Flickr

Blogging is great! (And so is Twitter!) I have met so many wonderful, interesting people on the internet recently, and I want to participate on your blogs as well; as there are only so many hours in the day, something has to give. I hope by cutting back on my own blogging, I will also have more time to comment on other people’s blogs, which I love doing!

Any thoughts on balancing online life with getting your writing done? Feel free to share!

P.S. I am done writing my 1,000 words for today! Now I am going to go have fun online for a while! See you all soon!


  1. You know how people sometimes joke about cloning themselves? Well, usually I’m of the opinion: “no thanks, one of me is enough” ;). But lately, I’ve been thinking that if I /could/ clone myself, I’d love to be able to keep up with all the Twitter pages and blogs I find interesting.

    It such a process of choosing the things that I most love and then choosing again over and over. Really enjoyed your post, Casey, thanks :).

  2. Hi Casey, aw, thanks for including my blog as one of the ones you like. I love your blogs as well. About blogging, well, I only tend to do one blog per week, though ocassionally I’ll have more but I’m just too busy to be able to do more than what I do so I have never had it as a plan to blog daily or even 3 times a week. If I did that, I would not have time to write my novel lol. Right now, I am trying to catch up with blogs because I’ve been away for 2 days. Which reminds me, I better write a blog about my trip sometime soon :-)

  3. Layla, Glad you enjoyed it! You’re right, the choosing process is ongoing. I think you are very insightful. I love so many things, I’m always trying to find that balance.

    Alannah, I do love your blog. You tell a wonderful story each time. I hear you about the writing vs. blogging. I had to work that one out though! (I just fell into blogging everyday — that wasn’t the plan!) Blogging is so enticing, because you can just get your thoughts out there, but I need to keep my long-term goals in mind as well. I’m looking forward to your post about your trip!

  4. Ok, first of all- 1.000 words done for the day?! Congrats! :)
    I love blogging. I really do- I love the virtual community we have here, I love how we inspire each other and all the brainstorming… I’ve learned so much about the industry since I’ve started blogging, as well as querying and how to revise/edit. When I’m in trouble with my MS, I know that there are people who have gone through the same stuff and are ready to help me. That is a great comfort.
    But- it does take a lot of time. And as you said, our novels should be our main projects so what I do is, when I get up around 6 in the morning, the first thing I do is to work on my manuscript. From 6 to 9 (or sometimes 10) I give it my full attention to my ms and afterwards I am free to blog, comment, read etc. I blog only twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays so that kind of helps keeping things under control… :)

  5. Thank you!

    You have a great daily schedule, Lua. I especially appreciate your first-things-first approach. When I got on the internet, I intended to blog only twice a week — you know, IF I could manage that much! ;) Turns out I have a lot to say. I’m reminding myself why I got into blogging — it was to meet people and be a part of a writing community (yay!), not necessarily to write a post every day. The daily blogging just crept up on me. I find things will do that, if I let them.

    I like your blogging schedule a lot, and I also love that your posts are always so substantive. You make me think every time.

    I hope your lighthouse story is going well, and good luck with your revision!

  6. I like my blog as a warm up to my writing for the evening. When I first get home from work my head is scattered and I’m all over the place but after writing a blog and reading a few and commenting, I’m usually in a much better head space for getting on with my own writing. That’s just how it works for me.
    Good luck with your writing and I hope your new schedule works out.

  7. Hey Casey, It’s such a hard balancing act. I’ve only been blogging a few weeks and right from the start I decided on only one post per week. Keeping up with Twitter, other writer’s blogs and working on my WIP is tough. This week I considered shutting down my Twitter and blog accounts because of the time they take from me, but then I decided I just needed a better plan – I’m still working on it.

  8. Hi Janice, It is tough to find that balance. I thought when I got into blogging it would be a struggle to find enough to write about, and now I find I need to cut back! I really hope you can work out the right balance for yourself and don’t have to drop blogging and Twitter entirely. (Is this one of those “less is more” situations? I think for me, it is.) Best of luck!

  9. Cassandra, It’s so cool that your blog is your warm up for writing! I think I’ve mentioned something along these lines before, but I love that your not-so-serious stuff — like reading blogs (which leads to great links from you) and writing your own blog posts — works out so well for the rest of us! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge about writing. I really appreciate your blog, and I always look forward to your writing links. Best of luck to you as well, with all your writing goals!

  10. Janice – you might want to check out The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks for his idea on “making time.” (For a brief summary that can’t hope to capture it all, you can check out my blog post that Casey linked above.)

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