Posted by: Casey Lybrand | July 13, 2010

Off the Wall and on the Line

Know what I want? A smartphone. Something in the Droid or Nokia range of products, I think. [$]

How does this relate to writing?

How does this not relate to writing! Okay, maybe not writing writing. [!] As writers, we are expected to network online and maintain a web presence. Blogging, Twitter, whatever our social networking choices may be.

On the Line

On the Line

Reading Janet Reid’s blog gave me that last little push over into Twitter. I’d been thinking about it for a while, and that was it — just thinking, not acting. Then I read this on her blog, about her reaction to a panel discussion of social networking for authors:

It was all I could do not to leap up, grab the mic and say “ok, who here understands that Twitter is simply about making friends?” and then talk about how to make friends. Because honestly that really IS what Twitter is about.

It was one of those light bulb moments: I can do that! Making friends and talking with other writers is fun — and it’s not something I get enough of in my day-to-day life (offline). I jumped into Twitter, and haven’t looked back. [@] Now I want to be able to connect more, and not just while I am at my computer. Who knows, having a device for social networking may even make it easier to separate my writing time from my online time. [#]

Technology for Writers

We all use technology in our own ways to support our writing and our progress as writers. For example, I have great fun — and derive a sense of accountability — blogging about and displaying the Merit Badger merit badges I earn. We are all logging our writing adventures as we blog, whatever form that takes.

But what about beyond blogging, or even beyond computers ? Do you have technology you prefer using to connect online, or for other writing-related purposes? What else do you find helpful? Want else would you like to use?


$: Still haven’t forgotten this, Droid: “Motorola Droid: why don’t you want my business?“. Though I tend to assume that there is no good option on these issues with consumer products, especially tech products. Besides, technology is what we make of it. (Should also mention, I haven’t quite made up my mind to spend this amount money yet. Been working my way up to it for a while. We’ll see.)

!: Derek Gentry writes on his Blackberry. I am impressed. Don’t think that’s quite my speed, though.

@: I used to get a little thrill of trepidation every time I hit “Tweet”, but it gets easier.

#: Yeah. I’ll let you know how that goes.


  1. I am really old fashioned. I hate mobiles (what you guys call cell phones) – Only have an ancient 6 year old one for texting. I do admit, it comes in handy when running late. I once had a hideous evening trying to find a payphone to try to call a friend when I’d forgotten my mobile, (actually, my payphone drama was so good, it ended up being used for my novel so that worked out ok lol)

    Anyway, other than being online on my blog and using my laptop for writing, I am not keen on any other social internet options. I detest facebook BUT twitter does look interesting though I don’t see how I’d have the time for it at the moment.

    Think for me, what puts me off is the idea of people from my past I no longer want to deal with (there’s a few out there, trust me) being able to suddenly “find” me when I do not want them to ever do. However, I am thoroughly enjoying having and reading blogs and meeting other interesting writers like you!

  2. Alannah! I was going to ask you, on your blog or mine, if you have a Twitter account! (I didn’t see a link to one on your blog.) Now I know. You must let me know if you ever come over to the twitter side.

    Payphone drama in the novel! I don’t even know what I would do if I had to make a call without my phone. Borrow someone’s? Not sure how many numbers I know anymore. (My phone knows them, so I don’t have to.)

    About people from the past: You have to stay safe. (That includes emotionally safe.) I’m so glad you are blogging, and that we have met! I really look forward to talking with you.

  3. Yeah, not twitting yet…I am thinking of it once I start submitting to agents, may be fun to do it then.

    Oh the payphones, yeah, it ended up a sequence for my boy. Novel happens in 1982 so no mobiles back then. I purposely set it back then as I didn’t want to have the interruptions of “texting”
    Imagine that, my boy is having a heart to heart talk with the girl he loves and suddenly, someone texts him or her lol.

    Actually, he is quite the technophobe. He would not know what to do with a mobile or a computer (aw bless him…he’s rather old you see…though he doesn’t look it…hee hee hee)

    Yep, me hiding from the skeletons in the closet I don’t want to meet again :-)

  4. “Who knows, having a device for social networking may even make it easier to separate my writing time from my online time.”
    haha Casey, I don’t think it’ll work but do keep me updated :)
    Honestly, me & technology… we don’t get along very well. I have a twitter account but I don’t use it much and I don’t use facebook. But blogging, that’s a whole different story, I get to actually write more than 10 words, met with lots of cool people, made friends, get useful feedback and became a part of a virtual community. So I guess blogging is the only social networking I enjoy :)

  5. Ha! I think you’re right, Lua. (I don’t really have any illusions — it’s a rationalization, and I know it!)

    I like seeing you on Twitter, though. (Right on the 10 words: it’s a challenge.) I love reading your blog! I think it’s important to figure out what works, and do it — which you do beautifully. :)

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