Posted by: Casey Lybrand | July 2, 2010

An open letter in which I disclaim both thinking and absurdity. Really.

Dear Everyone Who Reads My Blog and the Whole Internet for that Matter,

I have no thinky post in me today, nor an absurd one. Instead I will let you know some things that are on my mind, which will likely end up as blog posts soon:

  • The word “okay”. Seriously. There will be a whole post with research and footnotes and everything. You have been warned!

  • The unanswered questions in this earlier post about games, idioms, and worldbuilding. I’ve been thinking about a subscription to the online OED. Just so you know where I’m going with this! (Research, footnotes, warned.)

  • So many book reviews! I need to write them! Then I will post them. (Some are in draft form. They need to be in post form!) Here, let’s make a commitment on this one: in the next two weeks, I will post two book reviews. One each week, for two weeks, to start with.

  • This post at the Rejectionist — which then links to this one and this one — is very much on my mind. I may or may not get my thoughts into some kind of postable order on this issue. My immediate reaction was anger, and plenty of it, in part because this issue just. won’t. stop. I need some more time to reflect before sharing.

  • Other things I’m sure I’m forgetting right now. I have looked at so many fabulous writing spaces today, I don’t even know what do with it all. Such inspiration, to see how other writers work! (I’m not done looking, either!)

Tonight I am going to try to start writing before 10 PM. I must go to bed before 3:30 AM. (We’ll see how that goes.)

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. To those who will enjoy celebratory explosions, I hope yours are spectacular.

Parenthetically but alas not footnotedly yours,

A Blogger Who Is Off for the Weekend


  1. An ‘okay’ post- sounds amazing! Can’t wait to read it :)
    Have a great weekend Casey!

  2. Thanks, Lua! I’ve been thinking on it for a while; now I need to research and write. I hope you are having a nice weekend as well!

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