Posted by: Casey Lybrand | June 18, 2010

No Sleep Till 50,000

Last week was brutal on my word count: there was too much going on that was not writing-related. I did not write at all for several days. It was not a normal week, and I got through it by assuring myself that when the week was done, I would be able to put other things aside and focus primarily on writing *this* week. [1]

And that is what I have done. I started the week [2] at 29,316 words. By the end of today I will be at 50,000. [3]

As in 50,000 or bust. Here we go.

ETA ~9:20PM: Did it: 50,495 words total, with 3,333 written today. /ETA

1: In case you are wondering, my life is such that even though I (A) do contribute financially (as well as in other ways) to my household (not to worry, I’m not going to blog about the particulars of that — this is my writing blog, not my what-I-do-to-pay-the-bills blog; though hopefully someday it will be both), I also (B) have quite a lot of flexibility in my daily, weekly, and even monthly schedule — most of the time. Also, hello, privilege. I see you there.

2: Going with Monday as the beginning of the week. The work week. I’m working, here — on my novel!

3: The halfway point of my projected word count for the first draft of my novel. Can I make it to 100,000 by mid-July? We’ll see . . .


  1. WOW!!! Huge accomplishment- congratulations! :) 50.000 is a milestone! Here’s to another great week.

  2. Thank you! It feels good. I’m going to drop my daily word count goal to 2,000 (for now) and keep going.

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