Posted by: Casey Lybrand | June 15, 2010

When the going gets failwhaley, the failwhaley, um, blog self-indulgently?

Okay so twitter has been having a case of the failwhale, off and on. It seems that yesterday they were trying to improve their timeline cache, I think to address earlier failwhaliness issues. It’s okay, it happens. It means twitter is popular and growing, and in the process, sometimes frustrating.

I managed to tweet a bit last night. And new as I am to twitter, it was more than I have ever tweeted on a single day, so I am not complaining. But there was one spot where I just could not tweet — it would not go through, even after a delay, even through Echofon — and I wanted so much to share anyway, so I posted a tiny writing update (here on the blog). It was silly, but I was in a silly mood from all the #wordcount.

So, why am I revisiting this, and where is this post going?

Just so you know, the remainder of this post will:

1) consist almost entirely of quotes of my own words from elsewhere. [1]
2) be of no interest to anyone but me.
3) demonstrate shameless self-indulgence. [2]

You have been warned . . .

Because I can be a bit of a completist with archivist tendencies, I want to gather into one post my little story about writing my novel last night. [3] So here we go.

Things I told The Internet about my wordcounting adventures last night, on twitter and on this blog:

Another day like this tomorrow and I’ll be caught up. (Again, for some values of “tomorrow”.) Need to sleep now.

– on Twitter, about 10 hours ago [4] via web

A scene grabbed me when I should have been sleeping: added 1400 words for a total of 6800 today. For some values of “today”.

– on Twitter, about 10 hours ago via web

I’m done for today, though. That last scene really took it out of me.

– on Twitter, about 13 hours ago via web

Wrote 5382 words total today. (Still 5743 behind my goal: lots of #wordcount to make up after an unproductive past few days. It’s a start.)

– on Twitter, about 13 hours ago via Echofon

I want to keep writing, and I don’t want to: I’m just about to cause one my characters quite a lot of pain. He’s a real sweetie, too.

– on Twitter, about 14 hours ago via Echofon

Just hit 5,000!

– on Twitter, about 14 hours ago via Echofon

And another 1500+ (including this: ). Up to over 3500 today! #wordcount

– on Twitter, about 15 hours ago via Echofon

Tiny writing update: Oh twitter, why are you so failwhaley? Must share: I’ve written another thousand or so words (total of +2,000 so far today). Dinner now, more writing later. [5]

– right here, on this blog [6], Post Date : June 14, 2010 at 8:30 PM

Okay, I just wrote a thousand words. Feeling much better now. I’m not done #writing for the night, though.

– on Twitter, about 17 hours ago via Echofon

Just about wrapped up with end-of-school-year stuff. I will write tonight. I will post a #wordcount tonight.

– on Twitter, about 18 hours ago via web

There! I feel much better now! [7] That was really bothering me, but now it is all in one place. Off to write!

1: And possibly footnotes. No make that definitely.

2: I wrote 6800 words yesterday and have every intention of writing almost that much today. I’m feeling pretty okay with a bit of self-indulgence in the meantime.

3: A complete stream on twitter would suit my archivist/completist tendencies just fine. But having one update in the wrong place just bothers me, and I see no need to feel bothered while I have this lovely shiny blog just sitting here waiting for me to post whatever I want!

4: It may, or more likely, it may not, interest you to know that I will update this post with actual times, when they become available on twitter.

5: This whole post could not have gone through on twitter: I added some to make it almost make sense on the blog. Just like making sense.

6: And herein, you understand, lies the problem.

7: So now you know this about me: I will do this kind of thing! Also, there is a reason I am not snatching up the Social Networking Merit Badge at the Merit Badger blog. (This post is that reason.) But I love you anyway, The Internet!


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