Posted by: Casey Lybrand | June 1, 2010

Merit Badger Merit Badges!

I added some Merit Badger merit badges to my side bar. Because I love them!

Worldbuilding Badge

Worldbuilding Badge by Merit Badger

My WIP is set in a alternative world. There is an aspect of physics that is changed, and the way the world works is changed because of that. In order to do this well — or at least in a way I can work with — I have written pages and pages of world description, focusing largely on culture, society, and technology. I also have charts and timelines! (That is, timelines of world history — that’s worldbuilding. I also have character history timelines — that’s backstory.)

Outlining Badge

Outlining Merit Badge by Merit Badger

I have outlined this novel! I did not start with an outline. I started with just writing. About three chapters in, I realized I needed to step back and outline the plot. I was also working on worldbuilding while writing those early chapters. After I outlined and worked a bit more on the world, I rewrote the first chapters and kept going.

I’m glad I started over with the writing after outlining, but I’m also glad I started with just writing first. I needed to explore the world (I had a general idea of it while I was writing, it just wasn’t very refined yet) and get to know the characters before I was ready to outline. I needed to write it out first in order to see the possibilities of the story. Then I was able to get the plot in shape and outline it.

I consider it all part of the process and time well spent, even though the first version of the early chapters is just a memory now. The writing process involves plenty of rewriting anyway, so there is nothing wrong with starting and then starting over again.

Merit Badge Goal

I need the Backing Up Your Work badge. That is a goal for this week. (I’ve already downloaded the badge, now I just have to earn it.)

ETA June 4, 2010: Got it!

Backing Up Your Work Merit Badge by Merit Badger


Bonus Badge!

This one’s not on my side bar, but here it is: the “Wearing a merit badge” merit badge.

"Wearing a merit badge" merit badge by Merit Badger


  1. Maybe I’m too easily dazzled by anyone who can plan more than 37 minutes ahead, but I’m still going to say you are clearly very industrious what with setting a goal for the week and all.

    Welcome to the Badger Scouts, Casey!

  2. Thank you, Em!

    Oh and the backup is already overdue. I figure if I post about it, I’ll have to do it!

  3. Wow, I love the worldbuilding merit badge. How do I get one of those?

  4. Hi astrographer,

    You get the worldbuilding merit badge at the Merit Badger blog.

    The Merit Badger makes lots of merit badges for writers! If you want her merit badges — and I highly recommend them for their awesomeness — you can go to the Merit Badger blog, select the badges to stitch onto your site, read her image use guidelines page, and claim your badges!

    The “Worldbuilding Badge” page is here.

    BTW, I just glanced at your blog, and you do need this badge!

  5. I need something, that’s for sure!

    I’m trying pretty hard to earn that badge. I’m also trying hard not to burn out in the first week…

  6. Yes! No, I mean no. No burning out! (Have you ever blogged before? It gets easier as you go along.)

    Okay, I can respect working to earn a merit badge — it can be very motivating! And I understand about not taking one: I will never take the punctuation badge, because my grasp of punctuation will always be a work in progress.

    But I will also point out that as you have a blog entirely dedicated to worldbuilding, there is an argument to be made that you have already earned the worldbuilding badge: not only do you worldbuild, you also inspire worldbuilding in others. When* you snag the badge is up to you!

    *See how that doesn’t say “If”? ;)

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